Silence conquers the mood
While I rape him with my eyes
My imagination takes over
My taking every inch of his manhood
In my mouth
Hearing his moans and him reaching his peak
Further arouses me
As I without hesitation allow my legs to open in close
And tighten Around my woman hood
As my pussy muscles contract
The more he moans
The more I feel my blood rushing thru my walls
Open and close
My legs move faster and faster
He’s screams I’m cumming
As he explodes in my mouth
I feel my body convulse and a tingling , tense sensation takes over my body
My heart rate speeds up
Then slows down
Then I feel pure wetness dripping down my legs
As I turn in my bed
I wake confused and alone
Trying to figure out what just happened
I touch myself slippery wet and still lost
Then I remembered my dream his manhood
my orgasm
Then thought to myself oh how I love wet dreams

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