Four Play

As the night blossoms into dawn
The body awakens
The soul gets turned on
I lay my body flat along yours
Allowing us to barely touch
As our body heat turns us on
You take your hand
palm my ass
I feel the moisture building between my legs
Pressure growing on my stomach while your lying on your back
As I lightly bite your chest
Drag kisses up to your neck
Your hands run up the back of my legs
Making there way to my wet center
As you lightly pet
Inserting a finger in my warmth
My mouth finds your in a rough
Passionate kiss
You work your hands
I’m moaning in your mouth
My body starts a rhythm
My hands starts to wander
Finding it’s way to his shaft
Slowly taking it from its confines
Starting steady strokes
He’s working my walls
I’m working his John
I’m moaning
He’s grunting
I feel pressure
He’s swelling in my hand
Our kisses are becoming erratic
Our movements frantic
I’m grinding
He’s pushing harder into my grip
I feel it
He feels it
My pussy tightens in his grip
I scream I’m cumming
He continues to ride the wave
He grunts
His body jerks
I feel his cum dripping down
Our body move in rhythm
As we come down from the high
Eyes lock
Bodies shift
Then I feel him take one swift movement up inside


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