Everyone wants something out of life

Some people want money

Some people want love

Some people want happiness

Some people want companionship

Some even want just plain ol loyalty

The thing is everyone wants something

It may not be major

It won’t be what the next person wants

But it’s something

Just don’t let someone else depict what that something is


My Calm

Be my peace
My calm before the storm
My light in the midst of darkness
My sunshine in the rain
My sun amongst the clouds
My ash after an eruption
Don’t be the storm
The darkness
The rain
The eruption
That cloudy day
Don’t cause the pain
Then try to be the relief
The heart forgets nothing
The mind pushes it aside for peace
But the soul bares all the hurt


How can you break a heart
That’s already broken
How do you mend a heart
That has run out of vessels to hold it
How do you treat a wound so far gone
That the best surgeons in the world
Don’t even know how to close
A question that has a multitude of answers
But not one real solution


You ever pour your heart into a open cup
You pray that cup is big enough to hold all your out pours
Your love
Your faithfulness
Your trust
Your willingness to forgive
Your openness to welcome differences
Just you as a whole
Your ability to understand
Your ability to right a wrong
Your ability to make a mistake
Most importantly your ability to let go of unnecessary stress
The new cups they making nowadays
Are to small can barely hold 6 ounces
But having people think they’re ready for it all

Love 2.5

People want respect
People want love
People want to feel loved
People want to feel wanted
But then don’t return the feeling
But then lash out at the person they say they love for no reason
If you love someone
Love them
Show them
Make them feel wanted
Make them know they are loved
Make them know you care
Don’t give them the same shitty attitude you give everyone else
Or the same shitty attitude you give the next person of the opposite sex
If you love someone they should fall in a different category
Because I’m not gonna give the same things for the person I love that I would do for a person I don’t love

Love 2.0

I want a love I don’t have to question
A love that is unconditional
A love that doesn’t have a meaning
A love that is just that love
A love that only we understand
A love that makes people jealous
A love that when defined had our pictures as the answer
A love that well never be broken by chaos
A love that can withstand any storm
A love that conquers all
A love that is a love of our own
A love that is our love
I want that love
I want it now
I want it forever