Love Me

Why don’t you want me

Why do I feel unattractive

Why can’t I touch you

Why do you shut me down

All this makes me wonder

Makes my mind wonder

Makes me think negative

But why

Why don’t you want me

Why don’t you touch me

Why am I going thru heartache

Why do I feel pain

Why when you claim to love me

Why when you claim I’m beautiful

Why when you claim you want me

That I feel so unloved


You are Beautiful

Society has woman feeling that you need to be perfect

You need to have long hair

You need to have a fat ass

You need to have big breast

You need to have a flat stomach

But reality is no one is perfect without work done

Stretch Mark’s are inevitable

Cellulite is expected

A little fat is normal

Natural hair is a beautiful thing

Oh and the big trick is make up makes you beautiful

Make up is for enhancements

Freckles spew individuality

Dimples reveal an uncanny sexual attraction

Love who you are

Flaws make you unique


My heart breaks into a million pieces
Everytime you turn your back on me
Everytime you take my words and turn them into something more then just words
I can’t be honest
I can’t speak my heart
I have to do things as you want
I have to follow your rules
I have to obey your feelings
But what about mine
Fuck how I feel
Fuck what is in my heart
Fuck how you may not understand that my words are just words
I will never do anything to make you uncomfortable
Or force you
But I also have feelings
I also have needs
What about what’s going on with me
That never matters
That is irrelevant
That is impossible
I’m not important
I don’t matter
I never matter

Pain is inevitable
You will hurt yourself more than they will
You will over think
Over analyze
Every situation
Who doesn’t want to be happy
Who doesn’t want love
You that is
Let life flow
Don’t invest to much time
Don’t dwell on the negative
It will eat you alive
Do believe in the truth
Do read between the lines
And do pay attention to when your time is up


Let’s talk sex
Let’s discuss its differences
Let’s understand that no two people will ever be the same
Let’s examine why not only are we all different
We all feel things differently
Let’s explain how my intense orgasm feeling
Isn’t the same as her intense orgasm feeling
Or wait my G spot is not where her G spot is
Or maybe my vaginal cavity is not the same depth as hers
Let’s understand why you can’t compare sex
Like you can compare apples and oranges
Same goes for the dick
Or you call it the stroke game
Not every man is gonna be able to reach that itch
Not every man is gonna rotate his hips the same
Not every man is gonna hit that spot at the perfect angle the same
Once again no two people can ever have the same sex
So when we compare Mike to John we lose
Or Keisha to Tammie we get confused
You gotta make every sexual experience your own
You may not be sexually compatible with her or her with him
Some people aren’t aggressive enough
Some too aggressive
Some know how to adjust
Some don’t
People tend to believe their sex is the best known to man
That being no one never has told them
You ride to slow
You fuck to hard
You never hit my spot
You don’t listen to my body
Find your rhythm with whoever is in your bed
Don’t be in bed with keisha thinking about how Tammie did that squeeze trick
Keisha might not have that talent and now you just fucked up some perfectly good pussy because you’re not living in the present
Now once you’ve nut
And hopefully she has as well
If you feel that y’all were a good fit
Or they rocked your world you go again
And if it wasn’t all that for you doesn’t mean that they are not all that for the next person
Now let’s really think about it
How many one night stands you’ve had
How many people said to themselves your sex was trash


I have felt unwanted

I have cried tears of distress

I have hurt myself

All because no one wanted me

All because I gave my all and was still ignored

All due to the underlying thoughts

I am beautiful

I am irresistible

I can have anyone I want

To only have them shutdown by the person

Who says I love you

Your beautiful

Your sexy

Break my heart why don’t you

My inner goddess just died a little

My outer diva just went to hide

So back in my shell I go

Back to the confinement of my thoughts

Back to the reality that is my mind

No one wants me

No one thinks I’m beautiful

The words were fake

The tears real

And I just died a little inside

Four Play

As the night blossoms into dawn
The body awakens
The soul gets turned on
I lay my body flat along yours
Allowing us to barely touch
As our body heat turns us on
You take your hand
palm my ass
I feel the moisture building between my legs
Pressure growing on my stomach while your lying on your back
As I lightly bite your chest
Drag kisses up to your neck
Your hands run up the back of my legs
Making there way to my wet center
As you lightly pet
Inserting a finger in my warmth
My mouth finds your in a rough
Passionate kiss
You work your hands
I’m moaning in your mouth
My body starts a rhythm
My hands starts to wander
Finding it’s way to his shaft
Slowly taking it from its confines
Starting steady strokes
He’s working my walls
I’m working his John
I’m moaning
He’s grunting
I feel pressure
He’s swelling in my hand
Our kisses are becoming erratic
Our movements frantic
I’m grinding
He’s pushing harder into my grip
I feel it
He feels it
My pussy tightens in his grip
I scream I’m cumming
He continues to ride the wave
He grunts
His body jerks
I feel his cum dripping down
Our body move in rhythm
As we come down from the high
Eyes lock
Bodies shift
Then I feel him take one swift movement up inside