When people come into your life
Whether it be for love
For friendship
For business
Or just to be plan noisy
It is an investment
You invest your time
Your effort
Just to have this person in your life
Just to learn about the things the love
Things they hate
Things that make them smile
Make them tick
But why make an investment if your only looking for short term involvement
Why waste time
Waste effort
For a short term investment
People are selfish that way
People only do what is going to be beneficial to them
They don’t take in to consideration the pain
They cause by faking a long term investment
With short term intentions
Invest wisely


I loved you
Gave you my heart
Let you hold my last breathe
You let me die
But never put me to rest
I moved on
Gathered all my oxygen
Being you didn’t care to resesitat or revive me
Now your back
And wanna loan me my Last breathe
I’ve been standing on my own
For a min now
I don’t need your help
What am I to do
Sorry when I would have died for you
You shouldn’t have taken that chance to kill me
Now I’m alive without you
There’s nothing you can do to Heal me

Quality Time

I deserve more then a poke
From your shaft
More then a lick from your tongue
More then a finger from your whole hand
More then kisses from your lips
Lets lay together
Tell me how your day went and I’ll tell you about mine
Let’s watch movie, then fall asleep in each other’s arm
How about we both fix dinner
While having a glass of wine
Lets do things that will stimulate
Our bodies as well as our minds
Let’s make out just because
Not every kiss has to lead to sex
Let’s take a bath together and let the hot water, bath salt do the rest
Let me love you
While you love me
With a little more then just sex


When you fear love

Life tends to stop its axis spin

When you fear love

You forget how to allow casual flow

When you fear love

Interacting seems forced

When you fear love

Guarding your existence and hiding is easy

When you fear love

Life stops

Everything you love scares you

All your passion dies

All your positive seems wrong

All your strengths turn into weakness

All your smiles turn into frowns

When you fear love


Let me escape into your body
Let me release my pain and make it your pleasure
Let me take control of your release
Let my hands roam freely
Allow my tongue access to your whole being
Sit back and enjoy my mouths movements
Give me permission to awake something inside you
Succumb to the pleasure and pressure sitting low in your testicles
Let me set you free
Slow strokes
Deep suction
Long pulls
Tip to shaft
Shaft to tip
Suckle one testy
Maybe two
Hands sliding
Mouth salivating
Head holding
Face fucking
Member expansion
Body tensing
Warm liquid coating me
Setting me free
Your pleasure relieves me


The ache in the center of my chest never subsides
The pain for what I feel I deserve never eases
The hurt from all of the disappointment only squeezes me tighter
The numbness from crying myself to sleep only dulls soreness in my body
The tears flow freely
The release only temporary
Tomorrow we do it all over again
But today we have to put on this Facade
Today we must not fuss over ourselves
Today our life isn’t of importance
Today is not your day
No day is ever your day
So you ask yourself when
When will I matter
When will my pain be important
When will my aches ease
When will I be able to live freely


I love you

Three words that can change everything
Three words that could alter our existence
Three words they are just words
No but they mean so much more when reciprocated by actions
I love you
Show me how you feel
Touch me from the inside out
Love me with more then just your hands
Love me with your soul
I love you
I do
But the real question is
Do you love me